According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), around 20% of Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis. While it can affect many different joints, knees are most commonly impacted. Painful bone-on-bone arthritis is the most common reason people decide to opt for knee replacement surgery.

If both knees are affected, you may consider double knee replacement surgery. You’ll only have one procedure in which a surgeon will work on both your knees. Naturally, that raises a few questions.

Let’s look at the four biggest orthopedic surgery FAQs people have about the double knee procedure and what the experts have to say.

1. Is Getting Both Knees Replaced at Once Really the Best Option?

It’s true that a double knee procedure is not for everyone. The benefits are that there’s only one set of knee surgery prep, one procedure, and one period of recovery. Having both knees replaced at the same time could help you get back to your normal routine more quickly.

However, there can be a greater chance of complications with a double knee replacement. This can include greater blood loss, leading to more blood transfusions. Also, cardiovascular issues and blood clots are more common.

You may also need to stay in the hospital for physical therapy for a while after your surgery. With regular knee replacement surgery, you may be able to go home and have physical therapy in the office instead. One study suggests some patients may not need supervised physical therapy after a single knee replacement.

Every patient is different, so talk through the pros and cons with your surgeon.

2. Who Is a Candidate for a Double Knee Replacement?

The double knee procedure is for patients who, apart from their arthritis, are otherwise in good health. If you have heart or lung disease, you would not be a suitable candidate. Also, people over the age of 75 are generally excluded from this procedure.

You also need to be able to face the psychological challenges of the rehabilitation program. This includes following all the post-surgery recovery tips to the letter and engaging fully with physical therapy.

3. Is a Double Knee Replacement Less Expensive?

It can be. This depends on the clinic you choose and your insurance coverage. However, as there is only one procedure, surgery costs are reduced, which could make it a more affordable option.

4. Will I Recover Faster?

As you are having both knees fixed at the same time, the recovery time is reduced. You only need one set of physical therapy and don’t have to wait in pain for your next surgery. However, you will need to be ready for the initial complication of not having a strong leg to stand on for a while.

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